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Helpful Job Sites for Individuals with Aspergers


One of the many challenges individuals with high functioning autism or Aspergers syndrome face is finding a work environment which suits their needs.

Sites such as ASTEP (Asperger Training and Employment Partnership) are not only an excellent resource for individuals with autism, but also a training platform for employers who are seeking to create a supportive work environment for their employees. 

In this article, four resource/employment websites are described (including ASTEP).  Barbara Bissonnette who is the owner and certified career coach of Forward Motion Coaching has a wonderful site that is entirely geared toward helping the individual with Aspergers find the right job.  

Read full article here.

Don’t Miss These 4 Outstanding Aspergers Employment Sites

Aspergers Relationships - Can They Work?


We were just recently having a discussion with one of our Program Manager’s at Vista about the need for more information about how individuals who have autism handle the trials and tribulations of having a relationship.

It’s tough enough for typical couples to communicate effectively but to blend autism into the mix can make it that much more challenging.

A recent article from Prosper with Aspergers provides a hypothetical (but realistic) example of one particular relationship challenge and the step by step solutions to help improve the situation. 

Read more here...

Stress Free Decision Making for Aspergers Relationships

Autism Expert says No Evidence Connecting Autism and Planned Violence


Michelle Rowe Ph.D., Executive Director of the Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support at Saint Joseph's University stated that the recent speculation connecting Aspergers Syndrome and planned violence is not supported by evidence or research.

She went on to say the people with autism are often misunderstood but are not sociopaths.

Society and the media are fast to label people before obtaining sufficient information. Even if Adam Lanza, the gunman, did have autism, it doesnt mean that all people with autism are dangerous.

Please do not steroetype and judge all individulals with autism based on the actions of Adam Lanza.

Asperger's Testing For Adults - Los Angeles

Asperger's Testing for Adults

Diagnosing Asperger’s Syndrome for Adults

If a loved one is having a hard time holding a job and you suspect that he or she may have Asperger’s syndrome, it’s important to seek testing. By obtaining an official diagnosis, you can pave the way for invaluable job-training assistance from nonprofit organizations.

The first step, though, is ruling out attention-deficit (hyperactivity) disorder. Asperger’s is often confused with ADHD, but the differences are significant. As its name suggests, ADHD is marked by hyperactivity and problems with focusing attention and controlling impulses. Asperger’s, which is an autism spectrum disorder, encompasses difficulties in interacting with other people and involves repetitive patterns of behavior. For people with Asperger’s, staying focused isn’t the problem—their challenges are starting and maintaining relationships, reading social cues and dealing with change. Because they’re so inwardly focused, they may appear to be self-absorbed and prone to isolating themselves.

If your loved one fits that description, it’s time to get tested for Asperger’s. While you may feel certain that Asperger’s is the problem and think an official diagnosis is unnecessary, it’s important to get the diagnosis regardless. By having a qualified therapist make the determination and positioning your loved one for job-training assistance, you can significantly improve his chances for success in life. Nonprofit organizations such as Aspiritech provide strategies and speech and behavioral therapy that prepare adults with autism for the challenges of the interview process and the work environment. And finding and keeping a job is a critical step toward independence. 

Suitable Careers for Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome

career options for adults with aspergers

Gaining permanent or even part time employment for adults with Asperger’s syndrome can prove to be a challenge. Most people with this disorder have underdeveloped or limited social or communication skills – skills that are paramount in obtaining and maintaining successful employment. Sadly, deficits in the area of communication and social skills often leave individuals isolated, unemployed or tied to support groups that manage their daily activities.

The good news however is that more companies are now open to creating or matching jobs specifically suited for adults with autism. Many adults with Asperger’s syndrome can do very well in mainstream careers with the right support and preparation.  Many excel in a variety of fields and are recognized today as shining examples of individuals who have taken their challenges and turned them into successes.

Employment Opportunities for Adults and Teens with Asperger's

Job prep  for adults with aspergers

Preparing Adults with Asperger's Syndrome for the Job Market

Asperger’s syndrome affects a person’s ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others.  While Asperger’s falls on the autism spectrum, individuals tend to have more linguistic and cognitive abilities than their severely impaired peers. 

Most people with Asperger’s and high functioning autism are able to have successful careers as long as they focus on their individual abilities and unique strengths. Many may experience difficulty interacting with others and may have a low tolerance for stress; therefore, working for a large company is typically not an ideal situation (e.g. a busy Human Resource Department).  However, working for that same company in the accounting department (where daily interaction may not be required) might be a better match. 

A common trait of individuals with Asperger’s is to intensely concentrate on and talk extensively about a single subject. The good news is that there are careers available where those traits are valued. For example, working in a specialty shop, such as one that sells musical instruments or computers, has potential opportunity. With specialty stores, customers tend to ask detailed questions, which require an employee to be knowledgeable about the subject. 

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