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Two College Students with Aspergers Navigate Dating and Intimacy


An article in the New York Times beautifully described the journey of two college students with Aspergers syndrome, as they navigated the twists and turns of a romantic relationship.

Jack and Kirsten met as college freshmen at the University of Massachsetts. Jack had been diagnosed with Aspergers as a young child but Kirsten's social difficulties while growing up had never been attributed to autism.

At age 11 Kirsten had been diagnosed with ADHD but not until age 20, after she did some research, did Kristen seek a psychological evaluation and receive the formal diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome.

Individuals with Aspergers have a hard time grasping what someone may be feeling. This has frequently been called “mindblindness" and therefore those with such autism spectrum disorders are assumed incapable of, or indifferent to, intimate relationships.

Read how Jack and Kirsten faced the challenge.

Read full article here:

Navigating Love and Autism


Asperger's Testing For Adults - Los Angeles

Asperger's Testing for Adults

Diagnosing Asperger’s Syndrome for Adults

If a loved one is having a hard time holding a job and you suspect that he or she may have Asperger’s syndrome, it’s important to seek testing. By obtaining an official diagnosis, you can pave the way for invaluable job-training assistance from nonprofit organizations.

The first step, though, is ruling out attention-deficit (hyperactivity) disorder. Asperger’s is often confused with ADHD, but the differences are significant. As its name suggests, ADHD is marked by hyperactivity and problems with focusing attention and controlling impulses. Asperger’s, which is an autism spectrum disorder, encompasses difficulties in interacting with other people and involves repetitive patterns of behavior. For people with Asperger’s, staying focused isn’t the problem—their challenges are starting and maintaining relationships, reading social cues and dealing with change. Because they’re so inwardly focused, they may appear to be self-absorbed and prone to isolating themselves.

If your loved one fits that description, it’s time to get tested for Asperger’s. While you may feel certain that Asperger’s is the problem and think an official diagnosis is unnecessary, it’s important to get the diagnosis regardless. By having a qualified therapist make the determination and positioning your loved one for job-training assistance, you can significantly improve his chances for success in life. Nonprofit organizations such as Aspiritech provide strategies and speech and behavioral therapy that prepare adults with autism for the challenges of the interview process and the work environment. And finding and keeping a job is a critical step toward independence. 

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